[Christmas Greeting Autographed by Members of the Circle of John Singer Sargent].

Christmas greeting to Phyllis Carr signed by her family and friends in England, many with connections to American expatriate painter John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) and some of whom he painted.

Signers here (in bold) include the wife and daughters of Charles Dickens illustrator, Fred Barnard—Alice Barnard and sisters Dorothy Barnard and Marion Alice “Polly” Barnard, all three of whom sat for Sargent; painter Alfred Parsons (1847–1920) whose artist friend (and friend of Sargent) Francis Davis Millet’s sons, John Alfred Parsons Millet (named for Sargent and Parsons) and Laurence Millet, both painted by Sargent; and Alice Carr, costume designer Alice Comyns née Strettell Carr (1850–1927), a friend of Sargent who also sat for him and who designed the iridescent dress for actress Ellen Terry’s celebrated portrait as Lady Macbeth painted by Sargent.

Other autographs include writer Charles Turney Smith (d.1940), tutor to John Alfred Parsons Millet and Laurence Millet and friend of Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie; R.J. Westmacott, a possible relative to English sculptors Sir Richard Westmacott and Richard Westmacott; and photographer Henry Herschel Hay Cameron (1852–1911), the son photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Additional Carr Family members who sign are Philip Carr, Dolly Carr (Dorothy?), and Strettell[?] Carr, the former two likely Alice Comyns Carr’s children.

Description: [Christmas Greeting Autographed by Members of the Circle of John Singer Sargent].

[Np, ca. 1890s–1911] [1]p. Sm. 4to sheet. Autographs in pencil. Short tears at folds; remnant of partial mount on verso; neat, small perforation at upper left corner; very good.



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