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1897–1901 Collection Of German And Austrian Belle Époque Musical Concert Programs; With Related Ephemera

1897–1901 Collection of German and Austrian Belle Époque Musical Concert Programs; with related Ephemera

72-Item collection of German and Austrian classical music and concert programs etc. documenting performances in over a dozen theaters. In addition to pieces by such noted composers as Beethoven and Wagner the programs include many works by lesser-known Germanic composers such as Volkmann, Draseke, Klughardt, K. Komzak II, and Conradi.


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Cut For Cut, The Rubber Rubb’d, Nonsense For Nonsense, Or, Dicko-Don-Quacko And His Methodist Brethren All In An Uproar

Cut for Cut, the Rubber Rubb’d, Nonsense for Nonsense, or, Dicko-Don-Quacko And his Methodist Brethren all in an Uproar

Unrecorded c.1760s satirical broadside concerning the press and the growing influence of print culture in England. The broadside's fantastically named characters hearken back to Samuel Butler’s “Hudibras” and to the satires attributed to Ned Ward.


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An Act To Repeal The State Tax On Real And Personal Property, And To Continue And Extend The Improvements Of The State By Railroads And Canals…and To Charter A State Bank

An Act to repeal the State Tax on Real and Personal Property, and to continue and extend the Improvements of the State by Railroads and Canals…and to charter a State Bank

1836 Pennsylvania act to charter a state bank to be known as the United States Bank. Apparently no physical copies located on OCLC.


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Inauguration Of The New Building Of The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts

Inauguration of the New Building of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

1876 Pamphlet detailing the ceremonies of the opening of a new art building includes an interesting anecdote of subdued Native Americans in Florida. With references to Fort San Marco in St. Augustine, the birthplace of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School subsequently founded in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


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C.1888–1895 Original Boudoir Card Photograph Of The New St. Charles Hotel In San Bernardino, California

C.1888–1895 Original Boudoir Card Photograph of the New St. Charles Hotel in San Bernardino, California

Detailed photograph shows building's facade and streetscape details. The New St. Charles Hotel replaced an older hotel just across the street.


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Memphis, Tennessee Photographer, C.H. Poland: Two Hand-Colored Photographs

Memphis, Tennessee Photographer, C.H. Poland: Two Hand-Colored Photographs

Pair of elaborately overpainted photographs from 1918 depicting a woman with displays of large floral arrangements, possibly wedding related. One image shows a basket of flowers adorned with a red, white, and blue ribbon, possibly a patriotic motif suitable for a wedding during the First World War.


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Commonplace Book With Original Content Kept By Sarah Barker Edmonds Of Hudson, New York

Commonplace Book with Original Content kept by Sarah Barker Edmonds of Hudson, New York

1819–1850 Commonplace book includes annotations by Sarah's husband John Worth Edmonds, lawyer, jurist, reformer, and spiritualist. A silhouette from Peale's Museum, laid into the volume, almost certainly depicts the likeness of Sarah Barker Edmonds.


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Volk-Songs Translated From The Acta Comparationis Litterarum Universarum [and] Selections From The Poems Of Alexander Petofi

Volk-Songs Translated From the Acta Comparationis Litterarum Universarum [and] Selections From the Poems of Alexander Petofi

1885 First edition of the first English translation of Romanian folk poetry including Gypsy or Romani folk songs. A second work included here offers Magyar-language lyrical and political poetry by a Hungarian patriot.


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Bound Volume Of Salacious Erotica

Bound Volume of Salacious Erotica

Bound volume of salacious erotica and pornography including a short play and a story by French dramatist Henry Monnier and a pair of false Russian imprints.


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Caldwell Family Manuscript Heraldic Achievement With Calligraphy Decoration

Caldwell Family Manuscript Heraldic Achievement with Calligraphy Decoration

18th Century, possibly Philadelphia, illustrated manuscript signed by its creator, “Binning.” Unusual large-format manuscript explains its heraldic emblems and designs.


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1933 ALS regarding the North Carolina Myth of Napoleonic Marshal, Michel Ney

Supposed to have been executed in Paris after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, did Ney escape to North Carolina with the aid of the Freemasons? Fascinating letter from Katherine Ledwich (née) Meroney Morphy (1873–?) to Philadelphia author Colonel George Nox McCain (1856–1934).


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1830 ALS by Col. Charles Gratiot, U.S. Army Chief Engineer, Constructing a Road near Old Point Comfort, Virginia

Gratiot writes to Maj. General Alexander Macomb, Commanding General of the Unite States Army concerning the officer in charge of the construction of a road. A graduate of West Point, Col. Gratiot succeeded Macomb in the office of Chief Engineer, serving from 1828 to 1838.


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1834 Autograph Letter Signed from James C. Dunn in Mississippi reporting on the former Chickasaw Indian Nation

Letter addressed to President Andrew Jackson's advisor and Treasury official, Amos Kendall: “The Chickasaw reserves are well worthy of the attention of Capitalists.”


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1898 Autograph Letter Signed by a Convict; Life as a Runner in Prison in Philadelphia

“Arthur,” prisoner number 1203, was inmate assistant to the guards. He describes his efforts to improve the education of one of his fellow inmate by teaching him math, geography, and grammar.


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A Russian Admiral In New Jersey: From Epaulettes To Overalls And Back Again

A Russian Admiral in New Jersey: From Epaulettes to Overalls and Back Again

At the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, this Russian Rear-Admiral was in Washington, D.C. on a special mission. He soon found himself a man without a country and without a job.


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A “Real” Trove – A Pennsylvania Archive Of Legal Documents

A “Real” Trove – A Pennsylvania Archive of Legal Documents

The legal footprint of fundamental daily life during 19th to early 20th century America. A 1765–1932 collection of Pennsylvania printed and manuscripts documents: land surveys, real estate transactions, wills, estate inventories and administration—2.5 linear feet and just over 1,000 unique items...


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