Rare Americana: Visual

Visual Americana from 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century American History. Graphics, Original Artwork, Handmade Objects, Watercolors, Drawings, Posters, etc.

19th Century Vernacular Antebellum Folk Art Drawings of Samuel Sullivan Pine of Port Chester, New York

C.1850s–1860s folk drawings within a schoolboy grammar book depict soldiers, railroad trains, steamboats, and, likely, town views of Port Chester. Soldiers are shown marching to Bleeding Kansas and engaged, battle flags flying, in a Civil War skirmish.


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Caldwell Family Manuscript Heraldic Achievement With Calligraphy Decoration

Caldwell Family Manuscript Heraldic Achievement with Calligraphy Decoration

18th Century, possibly Philadelphia, illustrated manuscript signed by its creator, “Binning.” Unusual large-format manuscript explains its heraldic emblems and designs.


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Pair Of Victorian Semi-Erotic, Hand-Colored Lithographic Prints

Pair of Victorian Semi-Erotic, Hand-Colored Lithographic Prints

Victorian lithographs depicting lone women in provocative poses, each reclining a private garden colonnade. One of the images shows the woman’s full décolletage; wearing a barely closed dressing gown, she casually smokes.


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No License. A Question To Be Settled In The State Of New York, 19th Of May, 1846

No License. A Question to be Settled in the State of New York, 19th of May, 1846

Illustrated “Extra”, printed on cloth and issued by “The Journal of the American Temperance Union,” urging citizens of New York State to vote against the issuing of licenses to sell alcohol.


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Revolutionary Calendar Dedicated To The Sons And Daughters Of The American Revolution

Revolutionary Calendar Dedicated to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution

Chromolithographic calendar commemorating the American Revolution printed by celebrated Boston lithographers, L. Prang & Co.


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Eastward Sweeps The Current: Original Illustration Art By Dan Sweeney

Eastward Sweeps the Current: Original Illustration Art by Dan Sweeney

Aloha. 75 Original pen and ink drawings by Dan Sweeney created as illustrations for 1937 novel, Eastward Sweeps the Current, by Alida Sims Malkus. This almost complete suite of book illustrations is comprised of the headpieces and tailpieces for Malkus’ Polynesian adventure novel.


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