Three Original Photographs Concerning Spon & Chamberlain, New York Scientific and Engineering Publishers

Three large format photographs depicting the interior showroom and a trade show booth of New York scientific and technology publisher Spon & Chamberlain.


The two photographs showing front and rear views of their showroom show multiple copies of the books they publish arranged on bookshelves along with books wrapped in protective paper. Paper wrappered publications or, possibly, unbound sheets are also shown. The office staff of three men and two women are shown behind a counter near the front of the single-room operation, sunlight streams into the room from behind. A painted window sign describes their focus on books on industrial arts and trades.



The third photograph appears to show the company’s trade show display booth on a raised platform. A prominent sign on top of a bookcase reads “Spon & Chamberlain, Books for Engineers, Electricians, Machinists.” A larger hanging sign announces the availability of “E. & F. N. Spon’s Publications,” their London counterpart. Helping to date the photographs is a sign announcing the publication—“Now Ready”—of Induction Coils, a book by Norman H. Schneider published by the firm from 1901 to 1909. The sign indicates the price as “50 Cents.” The trade show may have been devoted to scientific goods as the booth adjoining Spon & Chamberlain’s promotes “Birdsall Electric” batteries.

Good large format photographs showing interior views of a New York scientific publisher.


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