Rare Americana: Manuscripts

Rare Manuscripts from 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century American HistoryDiaries, Handwritten Journals, Correspondence, Account Books, Business and Family Archives

Archive Of Letters To And From Claude Meeker, U.S. Consul In England, 1893–1897

Archive of Letters to and from Claude Meeker, U.S. Consul in England, 1893–1897

Substantial archive of over 1,300 letters comprising the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Claude Meeker (1861–1929), U.S. Consul at Bradford, Yorkshire, England, between the years 1893 and 1897. The correspondence shows Meeker as an expansive, forward–thinking supporter of American trade and industry abroad and a defender of American wool manufacturing interests in England, which competed with textile products produced by British manufacturers in Yorkshire.


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1830–1839 New England Leather Tanner’s Manuscript Notebook

Six-year record of tanning a variety of animal hides including bull, calf, hog, horse, and sheep skins. A good example of systematic record keeping with potential for researching a web of suppliers and clients of a thriving 1830s tannery, possibly in Maine.


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Ca. 1793 Manuscript with Yazoo Land Scandal Connection: “Observations on the Pine Land of Georgia”

Report by Judge William Stith Jr., a prominent speculator in the Yazoo land scandal, a fraudulent scheme to sell land in Alabama and Mississippi. Lands in Georgia’s Pine Barrens were also at this time the subject of land speculation and is about these Georgia pine lands that Judge Stith here writes.


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1901 Legal Case of a Female Philadelphia School Teacher who Refused to be Vaccinated

Bill of Complaint or “paper book” outlining her suit against the Board of Education and its Committee on Hygiene. Issues of liberty, public safety, and due process resonate with today's controversies over vaccination.


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Archive: American Sailor Seeks Bounty for Destroying Spanish Fleet during the Spanish-American War Battle of Santiago de Cuba

1905–1924 Archive of letters and documents of a disgruntled American sailor who served on board the U.S.S. “Texas” and later became an officer. Detailed history of one sailor’s service in the U.S. Navy and a close look at the mechanisms of naval bureaucracy at this time.


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Address Book and Letters kept by Philadelphia Homeopathic Physician Walter M. James, ca. 1904

Dr. James was the author, and publisher of the “Homeopathic Physician.” The 350 names and addresses found within shed light on his network of personal and professional friends and acquaintances.


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