Rare Americana: Manuscripts

Rare Manuscripts from 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century American HistoryDiaries, Handwritten Journals, Correspondence, Account Books, Business and Family Archives

1826 Estate Financial Inventory and Accounts of 19th-Century New Orleans Banker and Millionaire Benjamin Morgan, formerly of the firm of Price and Morgan

Financial statements and accounts reveal Morgan’s wealth to be “one Million of Dollars clear of incumbrance.” Morgan was a wealthy Philadelphia merchant, sugar planter, a director of the New Orleans branch of the Bank of the United States, 1805–1811, and the first president of the Bank of Orleans.


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Ca. 1813 Manuscript Copy of Will of Timothy Edwards, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Edwards was the oldest son of Jonathan Edwards and the uncle and guardian of Aaron Burr. He served in the Continental Congress in 1778 and as a Berkshire County judge.


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C. 1916 Autobiographical Autograph Manuscript by W.T. Benda, Polish-American Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Theatrical Mask Maker

Résumé of Benda's art education and professional accomplishments written out in his own hand on his New York City letterhead. After training in Europe, Benda emigrated to America in 1899 and began a career illustrating for books and magazines, designing book covers and posters, mural painting, and “Masks making since 1913.”


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Baltimore Telegrapher’s Overseas Record Book with Cable Codes [and, within:] “Teachers’ Note-Book for use in the School of Music 291 St. Paul St. Baltimore. Md. September 1886”

A curious combination of distinct manuscripts within a Baltimore notebook. Letters in German and additional manuscripts in English laid into the notebook concern music.


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Travel Diary of an American Agricultural Seedsman in South America

1930 Businessman's diary of South American travel during a time of economic boom, globalization and political turmoil. The author was in the seed trade, representing an American company in supplying seed to corporations and farmers around the continent.


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“All Kinds of Things” 19th Century German-American Manuscript Receipts and Formulary Notebook

C.1840s to end of 19th century formulary with German and American provenance documents. The densely written receipts and formulas are accompanied by a separate, contemporaneously created index.


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