Rare Americana: Books

Rare Books from 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century American HistoryBooks Bound in Leather, Printed Boards, Publisher’s Cloth, etc.

Bible given by Captured Union Soldier to a Woman in 1862 “at The line of the Surrender” at the Battle of Harpers Ferry, Virginia

Excellent relic of the Confederate capture of Harpers Ferry. After four days of fighting, Confederate forces under Stonewall Jackson captured the strategically placed town and its arsenal made famous by John Brown’s 1859 raid.


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“Portez Arme! … Bon Citoyen … Liberté France Egalité …” A Swiss-American(?) Book and its Owners

Unusually annotated, possibly unique, copy of “L’Homme Considéré Tant dans l’Etat pure Nature, que dans la Société” (1775) owned the fairly well-to-do de la Reusselli family, Swiss clock and watch makers.


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Volk-Songs Translated From The Acta Comparationis Litterarum Universarum [and] Selections From The Poems Of Alexander Petofi

Volk-Songs Translated From the Acta Comparationis Litterarum Universarum [and] Selections From the Poems of Alexander Petofi

1885 First edition of the first English translation of Romanian folk poetry including Gypsy or Romani folk songs. A second work included here offers Magyar-language lyrical and political poetry by a Hungarian patriot.


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Cornell & Shober’s Directory of Trained Nurses Greater New York and Philadelphia

1900–1901 Directory with names and addresses of nurses plus essays on various nursing and medical topics. Essays include “Contagious Diseases and How They are Spread,” “Infectious Diseases. The Time of Development and Duration of Infection,” and “On the Nursing of Diphtheria.”


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Bound Volume Of Salacious Erotica

Bound Volume of Salacious Erotica

Bound volume of salacious erotica and pornography including a short play and a story by French dramatist Henry Monnier and a pair of false Russian imprints.


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Footprints Of Four Centuries, The Story Of The American People

Footprints of Four Centuries, The Story of the American People

Here is a salesman’s sample book or canvassing book for a popular, illustrated topical history of the United States, Footprints of Four Centuries, The Story of the American People. Comprising the Important Events, Episodes, and Incidents which make up the Marvelous Record from Columbus to the Present Time…With over 350 Illustrations.


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