3725233 C Paul Bunyan Arts And Crafts

Paul Bunyan Comes West

Excellent Arts and Crafts folklore title collecting tales of American folk hero Paul Bunyan in the Pacific Northwest.

Linoleum print illustrations and decorative page borders were designed by pupils of Helen N. Rhodes (1875–1938) of the Department of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon.


The narrative by university English professor Ida Virginia Turney describes Paul Bunyan’s legendary exploits in the logging woods of Washington State and Oregon. In the foreword, Turney writes: “The collection here offered…is the result of the collaboration of class studies in folk-lore and the use of linoleum prints in illustration,—a simple problem in correlation.”




Handsomely printed at the University Press, these folk tales are a successful joining of text, illustration, and artful printing.

This rare edition precedes the first trade edition published by Houghton, Mifflin in 1928. Thirteen holdings on OCLC; only 7 copies in America outside of the Pacific Northwest.


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