Pair of Victorian Semi-Erotic, Hand-Colored Lithographic Prints

Pair of semi-erotic Victorian lithographs depicting lone women in provocative poses, each reclining a private garden colonnade. One of the images shows the woman’s full décolletage; dressed in a barely closed dressing gown, she casually smokes.

These visually secluded women are shown relaxing. One reclines with both hands behind her head; the other seems to be enjoying a reverie, her free hand touching her brow, the other hand casually holding a cigarette or cigarillo. The images present two semi-clothed, semi-private thresholds at which the viewer stands gazing.

3726020-victorian-semi-erotic-prints-minNeither of these hand-colored lithographs have imprints at the usual places along the bottom of the image. Perhaps they are proofs? Lithographer Nathaniel Currier made a lithograph in 1847 that showed a reclining woman smoking a cigarette,¹ so it is not too far out of the mainstream. With his partner James Merritt Ives, Currier also published The Morning Star, a hand-colored lithograph that shows a décolleté woman reclining in her bed.²


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