[Typed Letter Signed by Historian Evangeline W. Andrews, discussing North Carolina and the Publishing of Her Book “Journal of a Lady of Quality”].

Interesting letter signed by Evangeline W. Andrews, historian and spouse/collaborator of Yale professor of Colonial American history, Charles M. Andrews, discussing North Carolina and the publishing of her book Journal of a Lady of Quality Being the Narrative of a Journey from Scotland to the West Indies, North Carolina and Portugal in the years 1772 to 1776. Edited by Andrews, Journal of a Lady of Quality reprints letters of Janet Schaw, a British traveler to colonial America.

Writing in reply to “Mrs. Hutchinson” (whose carbon copy letter to Andrews, dated a few weeks earlier, is attached), Andrews makes specific references to Janet Schaw’s time in North Carolina, the assistance of the North Carolina Colonial Dames in publishing the book, and to Andrews’ husband:

Many thanks for your charming note about the Lady of Quality. ... You will see that Miss Schaw arrived at Brunswick, North Carolina, before she sailed up the river to Wilmington, North Carolina. You will remember Old Brunswick, because I think you were there attending some sort of celebration at St. Philips Church with the Colonial dames of North Carolina not very long ago. Miss Schaw (the Lady of Quality) knew this old church; the ruins of the governor’s palace are still visible and the present plantation (where Mr. Andrews and I visited while we were editing this journal)... I don’t know whether you went up to see the old plantation house, now belonging to young Lawrence Sprunt. ... Mr. Andrews and I made many visits there and I wrote the preface (to the Lady) at this plantation which then belonged to Mr. William Sprunt, a very charming gentleman known as the “historian of North Carolina.” The North Carolina Dames were so much interested in this journal of ours that they asked to be allowed to contribute $600. towards its publication in order to have the first edition, in any case, published under their auspices, it being a very rare document and a North Carolina one. Mr. Andrews and I agreed to make this arrangement with them with the understanding that we could pay them back the $600…and with the further understanding that when this amount was paid we should own the book. Fortunately, we were able to pay them from the sales of the first edition… Since then it has gone through five printings and two editions, and now, having found new material, we are about to bring out the third edition and the sixth printing. As you see we are very proud of our “Lady.” ... [Mr. Andrews] is now making a fine recovery and I think will get down to Volume Five of his history [The Colonial Period of American History] during these coming months. He seems younger and more frisky than ever.

Evangeline Walker Andrews (1870–1962) from Bryn Mawr College and was the founder of its alumnae society, serving as its president from 1892 to 1897. “A specialist in Elizabethan history, Evangeline Andrews is credited with reviving May Day celebrations in the United States through her staging, in 1900, of the Elizabeth May-Day Festival at Bryn Mawr ... [Andrews] involved herself in several of Connecticut’s historical societies and preservation efforts.”¹

Description: [Typed Letter Signed by Historian Evangeline W. Andrews, discussing North Carolina and the Publishing of Her Book “Journal of a Lady of Quality”].

[New Haven, Connecticut. June 28, 1939]. [1¼]pp. TLS. 4tos. The letter is attached to a one-page typed carbon copy letter to which Andrews’ letter was sent in reply. Some toning at folds; Very Good.


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