[Patriotic Bank of Washington, 1832 Partly Printed Loan Coupon].

Loan coupon or note issued by the Patriotic Bank of Washington, the first savings bank in Washington, D.C., established in 1815. The coupon bears the name “T. Ap. C. Jones” and indicates an amount due of “146 Dollars, 35 Cents, due 5/8 Sep. 1832.” Captain Thomas Ap. Catesby Jones (1790–1858) was a United States Naval officer who was honored for his bravery at the Battle of Lake Borgne in Louisiana during the War of 1812. In 1826, now a Commodore, Jones signed treaties with the Kingdom of Tahiti and the Kingdom of Hawaii.

In 1843, while commanding the U.S. Pacific Squadron, Jones returned Herman Melville—who had jumped ship while crewing aboard an American whaler bound for the South Pacific—to the United States. Melville based his novel White Jacket on this voyage and the character “the Commodore” on Jones. The character “Commodore J—” in Melville’s Moby Dick was also based on Jones.

Description: [Patriotic Bank of Washington, 1832 Partly Printed Loan Coupon].

[Washington, D.C.: Patriotic Bank of Washington, 1832]. [1]p. Coupon. 2¼ x 3½ inches. Typographic border; completed in manuscript. Wove paper with watermark or countermark “JW”. Near Fine.


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