L.L. Washington Boy Preacher.

Unrecorded and unknown photograph of this young African American preacher. Washington preached as early as eight years old as “Little J.L.” and garnered the attention of The New York Times in July of 1896.

Little evidence seems to have survived documenting Washington’s activities. Cornell and Emory hold a broadside describing him as the “Walking Bible and Prodigy” and a North Carolina auction sold a cabinet card photograph in 2011 for just over $2,000.

What is known is that Washington preached throughout the country with his father who was also a preacher. Mobile, New Orleans, Cleveland, Delaware, Indianapolis—these are but a few of the cities where Washington preached. In this photograph, the boy preacher holds his left arm behind his back. His right arm is lifted up and he appears to be holding a sermon in his hand.

Description: L.L. Washington Boy Preacher.

[Boonton, New Jersey: Frank Wendt, Photographer. bd., c 1900s]. Cabinet card photograph. Uniform lightening to image; very good.


Price: $650.00