Paying the Southern War Claims [caption title].

Attacking the Democrats for their policy of paying Southern war claims, a broadside swiping against Samuel J. Tiden, 1876 Democratic Presidential candidate

This rare, anonymous broadside is an attack in 1876 upon Governor Samuel J. Tilden, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, by excerpting from Southern newspapers from Alabama, Georgia and Virginia.

Popular argument at the time stated if the Democrats should come into power that they would spend two billion dollars in Southern war claims which would ruin the credit of the United States abroad.

Northern voters would presumably be outraged at seeing the governor of Missouri’s scrip payable for thirty-five dollars to one Woodford M. Paris for losses based upon: “the cotton tax, damages to land and property during the war, the emancipation of slaves” etc.

The 1876 presidential election was contentious. Tilden won the popular vote, but fighting Rutherford B. Hayes in the electoral college, Tilden eventually lost. The Hayes Tilden Compromise would result in the removal of federal troops from the South and would dim the hopes of African Americans to advance their cause for civil rights and equality. The Reconstruction Era came to a close.

Description: Paying the Southern War Claims [caption title].

[Np. 1876]. 12¼ by 9½ inches. Illustrated Broadside. Small corner loss in margin; very good.


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