The Negro Caravan. Writings by American Negroes.
The Negro Caravan. Writings by American Negroes.

The Negro Caravan. Writings by American Negroes.

The First Comprehensive Anthology of African American Literature

First comprehensive anthology of African American literature.

Blockson 101: “A classic of its kind, the volume was the most extensive collection of pre-World War II Afro-American writings ever published. This impressive and indispensable anthology included over one thousand pages of complete short stories, blues, folk songs, biographies, speeches, pamphlets, essays, letters, and selections from novels and plays [...] When it was published in 1941, the book was considered as being the most important single volume of Afro-American writing ever published [...] Black historian and bibliophile John Henrik Clark declared, ‘Anyone who attempts to teach Black literature without reading this book seriously should be driven from the classroom.’” (This is the correct first edition; the Citadel Press edition is a reprint. Anyone saying otherwise should be driven from the classroom.)

Within are texts by Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Booker T. Washington, James Weldon Johnson, Leslie Pinckney Hill, Angelina W. Grimké, Phillis Wheatley, Frederick Douglass, Richard Wright, and others.

It is unclear if this particular copy published by Dryden Press is a variant binding of the first edition or if it possibly a trial binding. Its dimensions conform to those editions published by Citadel Press, but it does not bear a Citadel Press imprint. Copies of The Negro Caravan published by Citadel Press are reprints.

Description: The Negro Caravan. Writings by American Negroes.

New York: The Dryden Press (1941). 1082pp. First Edition[?]; binding variant[?]; trial binding[?] Thick octavo. Blue cloth; without rare dust jacket. Spine and top-edge faded; small previous owner’s name inside front cover. There are scattered ink notations and marginalia throughout the text; otherwise, a very good clean copy.


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