Keep ‘em Flying! [Second World War “Uncle Sam” homefront poster].

Patriotic Second World War poster, a superb example, by American illustrator C.C. Beall, issued by the United States Army Recruiting Service.  The design of the poster cleverly incorporates vignette illustrations of the home front and of military personnel to form a composite bust portrait of “Uncle Sam” whose tilted head and firm jaw project resolve and determination to fight the war. 

The poster’s dual function was to encourage military recruiting and, more pointedly here, civilian participation in the war effort. 

On the left there can be seen a factory worker, a scientist, a nurse, and a farmer holding a sheaf of wheat that easily morphs into Uncle Sam’s beard; on the right, an airman, a sailor, and a soldier holding a rifle with bayonet. 

Printed at the lower corner of the image is a patriotic poem by Jack Childs that concludes “So—‘Keep ‘em Flying!’”

Description: Keep ‘em Flying! [Second World War “Uncle Sam” homefront poster].

[Washington, D.C.?], 1941. Broadside or Poster. 28 x 20 inches. Small crease in left margin; faint red pencil mark at edge of top margin; near fine.


Price: $450.00