Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model. A Thrilling Story. Founded Upon the Play of the Same Name. [within:] Play Book Series.

“Hurry Jack quick, quick, or Nellie will be killed”

Women’s pulp fiction novel based on A.H. Wood’s play Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model. A Thrilling Story. The melodrama concerns a young single woman’s struggle out of poverty.

Halftone plates depict scenes from the play and include a frontispiece of the author. The half tone frontispiece and two of the text illustrations appear to be derived from posters made to advertise the stage production, each with a banner title, a depiction of a dramatic moment in the play, and a line (or lines) of dialogue.

The frontispiece shows an automobile crashing off what appears to be the Brooklyn Bridge—“The Greatest Effect Ever Seen on the Dramatic Stage”—another illustration shows Nellie lying on the tracks of an elevated train platform as the train approaches, and another shows her tied to the mast of a ship as a man with a wife moves in to stab her.

The color illustrated wrapper evokes a situation of danger and surprise as a way of drawing the reader, or potential reader, into the novel. The novelization was done by Grace Miller White (1868–1957), a prolific writer who began her career novelizing popular plays. In 1924, Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model was made into a silent film directed by Emmett Flynn.

Description: Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model. A Thrilling Story. Founded Upon the Play of the Same Name. [within:] Play Book Series.

New York: J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (1906). Frontispiece, 189, [1(blank)], [2]pp. + 3 halftone plates. “Play Book Series” No. 97. Illustrated, chromolithographic wrappers; staple bound. 7 x 4¾ inches. Printed on pulp paper. Ads at end. Some rubbing at head and tail of spine and at corners; creasing to rear wrapper; very good.


Refs. Hubin, Crime Fiction IV, Addenda to the 2015 Revised Edition (Oakland CA): “White, Grace Miller. 1868-1957. Name at birth: Mary Esther Miller. She adopted the name Grace around 1897 in honor of her younger sister Grace, who died within a year of birth in 1873. Her first husband was Homer White; she later married Friend H. Miller, an attorney in her home town of Ithaca NY. Early in her writing career, the author specialized in novelizing plays, many of them crime-related.” The Compleat GRACE MILLER WHITE accessed online.

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