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The Trend of the Races. [Review Copy with Ephemera]
The Trend of the Races. [Review Copy with Ephemera]

The Trend of the Races. [Review Copy with Ephemera]

“Since the World War began there has been a marked increase in the number of Negro women in industrial occupations” (captioned plate)

Accompanying this book is a small 3pp., leaflet, in part, describing the work, thus: “A thoughtful attempt to show the relations between the white and Negro races and to indicate maladjustments and their remedies. The author is a Negro leader who has rendered distinguished service in interracial cooperation and who has the confidence of his colleagues in both races.” (p2)

Haynes’ book offers an optimistic and upward trend of hope for Black Americans, depicting their advances in numerous economic and social aspects, rural and urban. The identity of the African American is then presented as one of increasing self-respect, ingenuity, artistic talents; one as a contributor to the American consciousness. A chapter then follows detailing with pride the service of Black Americans in the armed forces. The book’s final two chapters present an ideal of interracial harmony, brought forth by shared mutual benefits, the language of the church, with educational institutions and government providing cooperative avenues to improve relations.

Description: The Trend of the Races. [Review Copy with Ephemera]

New York: Council of Women for Home Missions, (1922). 205pp., errata slip. First Edition. Green cloth, without dust jacket. Illustrated with half-tone plates. A very good copy.


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