False Reconstruction; or, The Slavery that is not Abolished.

Blasting the South’s attitudes towards black Southerners

“Slavery is not yet abolished. Social Rights and Political Liberty are not yet won. Not only did we fail to give the colored and white poor of the South their rights, but when the great armies disbanded, that wing of the Rebellion ... organized the clan which has continued in presenting those views” (p1) Thus opens Chapman’s fiery pamphlet, a condemnation augmented by references to historical and Biblical events.

Chapman blames the Ku Klux Klan and carpetbaggers for the continuing misfortunes of Southern blacks. He laments the “Lost Opportunity” when the crushed Rebellion was at its weakest: “There was nothing they would not do, even to the extent of franchising their freedmen and providing for them homesteads. Had the National government merely taken advantage of this plastic condition, it might have stamped Equal Rights upon the whole people, as molten wax…” (p15)

“Chapman sees racial equality as a Christian necessity.”—Jenkins.

Description: False Reconstruction; or, The Slavery that is not Abolished.

Saxonville, Mass., 1876. 24pp. First Edition. Printed buff wrappers, stitched. Fine condition.



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