Archy Lee.

The rights of African-Americans in California

Archy Lee was a slave brought to California who became fugitive when he realized his master would return him to Mississippi. He was caught in a Sacramento hotel.  DANB: “Upon his being jailed, Archy’s cause was taken up by the leaders of the Sacramento Negro community. The subsequent legal moves resulted in an absurd state Supreme Court deci sion which denied freedom to Archy while granting the justice of his claim. Archy’s young master then brought Archy to a ship in San Francisco Bay in an attempt to carry him back to slavery. By this time the Negro leader ship of San Francisco was alerted and they rallied white legal talent and raised funds to continue the fight for Archy’s freedom. After a dramatic scene on board ship in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Archy was rescued and a long series of legal moves on his behalf was begun…” After many legal battles and court decisions, Archy eventually achieved freedom, “the victor in the state’s most important fugitive-slave case.”

Description: Archy Lee.

The Book Club of California. 1969. 67, [1]pp.  Limited Edition. 1/500 copies. Cloth, with printed spine label, and pictorial label to upper cover. Illustrated. Decorations by Mallette Dean. Fine condition.



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