The Negro Voter. Can He Elect a President?
The Negro Voter. Can He Elect a President?

The Negro Voter. Can He Elect a President?

“A Crowell-Collier Publication”

A rare survival. Strikingly visual newspaper stand card or lobby card promoting journalist Theodore H. White’s article, “The Negro Voter. Can He Elect a President?,” for the Collier’s August 17, 1956 issue.

By the mid-1950s, as African-Americans migrated toward Northern cities from the South, their growing importance, and the clout of the their vote, in American elections became evident. With the 1956 presidential election at hand, politicians noticed.

Nominee Adlai Stevenson, endorsed Brown v. Board of Education. President Dwight D. Eisenhower did not. But Stevenson miscalculated. In his attempt to unseat incumbent Eisenhower, Stevenson chose Alabama Senator John Sparkman as his running mate. And Sparkman’s segregationist beliefs did not sit well with African-American voters. With the endorsement of African-American Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Eisenhower secured his second term.

The answer to White’s titular query?

Yes. Note: the broadside’s illustration is used as the first main image for White’s article. Included: Collier’s issue with White’s article. Ref. The Negro Voter: Can He Elect a President? accessed online, per George Mason University.

Description: The Negro Voter. Can He Elect a President?

[New York. August 17, 1956.] Broadside. Approx. 16 x 10¾ inches. Diagonal creases; mild surface soil; blank verso with numerous ink calculations; about very good.



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