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[Patent Medicine:] The Codes of Medical Ethics…and Advertiser.
[Patent Medicine:] The Codes of Medical Ethics…and Advertiser.

[Patent Medicine:] The Codes of Medical Ethics…and Advertiser.

Compilation of three American medical societies’ codes of ethics as a vehicle for advertising a Detroit medical publisher et al.

Compilation by a Detroit medical publisher, Dr. C. Henri Leonard, of medical codes of ethics for the American Medical Association, the American Institute of Homœpathy, and the National Eclectic Medical Society.

The pamphlet is more of a vehicle for advertising Dr. Leonard’s publishing, blank book, and medical form trade than anything else. He was the author/publisher of the physician’s Reference and Dose Book, A Manual of Bandaging, and other medical works as well as a publisher of blank medical day-books, account-statement books and ledgers, and pre-printed prescription blanks.

Interspersed among the medical codes of ethics are advertisements from various firms for patent medicines, mineralogical and scientific specimens, artificial limbs, medical text books, the American Journal of Pharmacy, and the Virginia Medical Monthly. In addition there are ads for “Leonard’s Vaginal Speculum” and a journal co-edited by Dr. Leonard and Geo.S. Davis, New Preparations; A Quarterly Journal of Medicine.

Added to the 32-page ethics section are two trade catalogs, eight pages each. The first is from New York manufacturing chemists, McKesson & Robbins, entitled McKesson & Robbins’ Gelatine-Coated Pills…Revised Price List, March, 1878. The second is entitled Valuable Medical Books Published and for Sale by Lindsay & Blakiston, Philadelphia. The latter list includes a section on “Recent Importations” dated February 1878.

Scarce. OCLC 23181670, 4 copies (NY Acad. Med, LOC, Detroit Pub. Lib., and The Henry Ford [Museum]).

Description: [Patent Medicine:] The Codes of Medical Ethics…and Advertiser.

Detroit, Michigan: [C. Henri Leonard], 1878. 29, [3], [8], [8]pp. Pamphlet. Approx. 8¼ x 5½ inches. Printed wrappers. Removed; upper wrapper separating along upper spine; wrapper closely trimmed at tail edge; very good.


Price: $125.00