[Henry Clay Souvenir Card Engraved by Nathaniel Dearborn].

C. 1820s portrait of Clay on clay-coated cardstock

C. mid-1820s portrait engraving of Congressman and likely then-United States Secretary of State Henry Clay of Kentucky (1777–1852). The bust-length portrait shows Clay within a decorative frame.

The engraving was printed by Boston engraver Nathaniel Dearborn on heavy, clay-coated cardstock similar to trade cards of the era. We have seen a similar engraving by Dearborn, done c. mid-1820s and with a similar decorative framing element, of President John Quincy Adams, under whom Clay served as Secretary of State. They are perhaps from a series of portraits of national figures.

Description: [Henry Clay Souvenir Card Engraved by Nathaniel Dearborn].

Boston: N. Dearborn, c. mid-1820s. Portrait Engraving. 3¼ x 2¾ inches on clay-coated cardstock measuring 5 x 3¼ inches overall. Some staining in margins; very good.


Price: $250.00