[Three Real Photo Postcards of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, ca. 1910s.]

A parade in Lewiston, Pennsylvania and more

Three images, all lettered in the negative: 

An image of a civic celebration in downtown Lewistown, Pennsylvania. A large Welcome banner can be seen. Lettered advertising for the hardware store J.B. Selheimer is prominent. Uniformed Templars, a fraternal order, parade in three columns. Downtown buildings can be seen on the right side as can other views and objects.

A second image was taken on Memorial Day. A large church is prominent as is a very tall obelisk nearby. A horse and wagon, telephone poles, citizens, and buildings are on view.

A third image shows The Square in Lewistown. This is another view of the church and obelisk, but from a different angle. Different angles can be seen. The image appears underexposed.

Description: [Three Real Photo Postcards of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, ca. 1910s.]

[Pennsylvania.] Nolte Photographer. [ca. 1910s]. Three Real Photo Post Cards. Divided backs, never used. Two images uniformly over-exposed or faded; third image is not.


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