Miniature 1912 Calendar for Colgate & Co., Perfumers, New York.

Colgate and Angels – Advertising to the Future 1912 Consumer

For the upcoming year of 1912, Colgate Company has a plan; create a calendar where each month is dedicated to one of the company’s products. In January, it’s dental powder. By July, pine tar soap. And in December, rapid-shave powder.

To cajole the consumer along, each month is illustrated with a bevy of angels engaged in seasonal activities. Angels ring the bells in January. Angels build a snowman with a heart in February. They carry an American flag and bang a patriotic drum in July. Angels run away in fright from October’s glowing jack-o-lantern. And, in December, angels deliver more Colgate products into a house, through the chimney, from a flying sled. Or is it a Wright Brother’s bi-plane? The aviator angel is capped in semi-Santa Claus attire.

The illustrator, anonymous, was really quite clever with their artwork; artwork that would have to be greatly reduced for a book-form calendar just shy over two inches. Incongruously, when the reader flips to the calendar’s back cover, an advertisement for Cashmere Bouquet Soap is seen with an illustration of a young child, drawn remarkably in keeping with a Maxfield Parrish character.

A tiny survivor and in remarkable condition.

Description: Miniature 1912 Calendar for Colgate & Co., Perfumers, New York.

[Np. New York? 1911.] Miniature Advertisement Calendar. 2¼ x 1¾ inches. [6]ll. Illustrations from color lithography. Fine condition.


Price: $50.00

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