[Archive of 150 Autograph Letters incoming to Connecticut Deacon, Genealogist, Author Alfred Andrews (1797–1876) used to compile his Andrews Family Genealogy.]

A plethora of letters from the Andrews clan across America, their genealogical heritage

A group of of (almost entirely incoming) autograph letters to Connecticut author and New Britain notable Alfred Andrews (1797–1876); almost all concern genealogical connections to the Andrews name or contemporary family history and activities from numerous individuals, most with the surname of Andrews.

The incoming correspondence is from Connecticut and New England individuals, and many other people across the United States. Many seem to be prominent members in their communities and some are notables of the 19th century, albeit lesser lights found in Appleton’s, etc.

There are a total of approximately 150 autograph letters, give or take a few, written in the 1860s and 1870s. The group further includes Andrews’ Circular soliciting family members to contact him directly in New Britain with knowledge of their family tree.

From these letters we imagine Andrews used many as primary source material for his Andrews’ Memorial volume. The archive would serve as a useful primary source adjunct to those interested in the family name, how Andrews’ genealogy volumes came to be assembled, and regional history. Given the bulk of the information in these letters, we would surmise Andrews had to be rather selective when using them and more useful family information and regional history remains to be gleaned.

Description: [Archive of 150 Autograph Letters incoming to Connecticut Deacon, Genealogist, Author Alfred Andrews (1797–1876) used to compile his Andrews Family Genealogy.]

[Various locations in America. 1860s to 1870s.] Approximately 150 ALsS in quarto and octavo format, some with their original transmittal envelopes then later docketed; several other related items, including Andrews 1-page printed Circular.


Andrews authored: Genealogical history of John and Mary Andrews, who settled in Farmington, Conn., 1640: embracing their descendants to 1872; with an introduction of miscellaneous names of Andrews, with their progenitors as far as known…. Chicago, Ill., A.H. Andrews & Co., 1872 and Genealogical history of Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632-1875…. New Britain, CT. 1875.

Abstracted from Hinsdale genealogy: descendants of Robert Hinsdale… (A.H. Andrews, 1906) is the following: “Deacon Alfred Andrews was enlisted in common schools, Sunday schools and the temperance cause. He was appointed secretary of the Sabbath School Union, for Wethersfield, Berlin, and vicinity, September 6, 1832, and resigned, September 4, 1866.  He was a zealous anti-slavery man, held public offices, and was employed in the settlement of estates. He began his genealogical researches for the “Andrews Memorial” in 1855, but deferred it for the compilation of his “History of New Britain,” which he began February, 1858, and finished and delivered the first copies December, 1867, and began the “Hart Memorial” in 1870, and carried on both at the same time.  Deacon Alfred Andrews was a member of the Connecticut Historical Society, and corresponding member of the Wisconsin Historical Society.”

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