New and Startling Facts for Those Afflicted With Nervous Diseases [cover title] [with laid in ephemera].

1893 illustrated patent nerve & heart medicine trade catalog

What didn’t the Dr. Miles Company cure?  Illustrated patent medicine trade catalog from the Dr. Miles Medical Co. of Elkhart Indiana with the additional inclusion of the advertising blow-ins still present.

The text promotes Dr. Miles’ full line of “Restorative Medicines” with particular emphasis on his patent medicine tonic “Nervine” and his “Heart Restorative or New Cure” for various heart diseases and “nervous affections.”

His clever marketing technique includes exhaustive descriptions of medical ailments, symptoms, and numerous personal testimonials from cured patients. Dr. Miles includes a portrait of each satisfied customer or patient—men, women, and children too.

Laid into the pamphlet is a separately printed bifolium of happy patient testimonials. These testimonials are entitled Positive Proofs. These testimonials are accompanied by a small printed coupon offering a full refund if not satisfied: “Dr. Miles’ Restorative Remedies on a Positive Guarantee…If it does not benefit you, return bottle to Druggist, fill out the blank on the back of this and receive your money in full.”

Some of the diseases or ailments his tonics, pills, and plasters were purported to cure are an A to Z of human frailty. His nerve pills are referred to here as “The Wonderful Little Pills.” He cured or treated apoplexy, bilious attacks, blues, delirium tremens, headache, monthly pains, opium and morphine habits, sexual debility, St. Vitus Dance, etc.

Dr. Miles includes his own portrait and biography and illustrations of his medical office skyscraper in Chicago and his offices, laboratory and printing establishment in Elkhart, Indiana. He records his extensive educational and medical practice background and lists the books on nervous and heart diseases etc. that he authored. His company survived until 1995 as Miles Laboratories.

Description: New and Startling Facts for Those Afflicted With Nervous Diseases [cover title] [with laid in ephemera].

Elkhart, Indiana: Dr. Miles Medical Co. (1893). [1–4], 5–35, [36]pp. 9½ x 6¼ inches. Illustrated, self-wrappers. Brief staining; loss at lower right margin, not affecting text; fair.


OCLC [1], An 1893 edition in the Atwater Collection. An 1891 edition found at the same and Western Kentucky University.

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