[Hannah Darlington and Sarah M. Darlington Copy Book with Calligraphic Illustrations].

“Indian Hannah” in Chester County, Pennsylvania

1853–1856 copy book kept by Quaker girls Hannah Darlington and Sarah M. Darlington of Parkerville, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The copy book collects poems and calligraphic drawings written, or copied out by the two girls. Some of the poems appear to be original, indeed four of them appear to have been written by “Pappa,” presumably the father of the two girls. One of his poems was written in memory of his first wife, Maria Haines Darlington (1805–1830). Because of this association, Pappa can be likely identified as George Darlington (1804–1888).

Two of Pappa’s poems are of some local Chester County interest: “Farewell, Address to the Pupils of Locust Grove [School]” and “Reflection on a view of the Indian burying ground on the Brandywine.” The latter poem is a lament for “Indian Hannah,” the last of her “tribe of Lenni Le nappe” [Lenni Lenape]:

When of the tribe of Lenni Le nappe /  Which mustered there in countless line /  Save one frail female all had fallen /  Beneath the wasting scythe of time. ... And in the neighbouring Almshouse grounds /  Shame on the Steward; be it said /  Poor Indian Hannah[‘s] ashes lie /  Unhonored with the vagrant dead.

The copybook is distinguished by five full-page calligraphic drawings by Hannah Darlington. These depict doves and quill pens, a swan holding a quill in its bill, and a bald eagle soaring above a quill pen. Some of the drawings incorporate human or cherubic faces.

Good example of an 1850s girls’ poetical copy book with original content a calligraphy drawings.

Description: [Hannah Darlington and Sarah M. Darlington Copy Book with Calligraphic Illustrations].

[Parkerville, Chester County Pennsylvania, 1853–1856]. [26]pp. Copybook. 7¾ x 6½ inches. Pictorial wrappers with marbled paper spine; stitched. Ink and pencil manuscript and five full-page calligraphic illustrations. Upper wrapper and first leaf detached, sewing loosened, and lacking lower wrapper; soiling and foxing throughout; possibly incomplete, fair to good.