[Original Illustration Artwork for The Lone Woodsman by Warren Hastings Miller].

Collection of original artwork by Kreigh Collins and printer’s illustration proofs for the boy’s adventure story, The Lone Woodsman, by Warren Hastings Miller. The book was published in 1942 by The John C. Winston Co. of Philadelphia, a noted publisher of children’s and young adult books. Twenty-four pen and ink illustrations by Collins comprise 11 full-page or page spread drawings and 13 vignette illustrations.

A native of Davenport, Iowa, Kreigh Taylor Collins (1908–1974) studied art at the Cincinnati Art Academy, the Cleveland Art School, and in Paris, where he studied landscape painting. His career started as an illustrator for various advertising agencies, first in Chicago and then in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he lived. In the 1930s, Collins did newspaper illustration work and painted murals in Texas and landscapes in Taos, New Mexico. From the late 1940s to the early 1970s, he was a successful syndicated comic strip artist, creating such strips as “Mitzi McCoy,” “Kevin the Bold,” and the semi-autobiographical “Up Anchor.” He also wrote and/or illustrated numerous books, including several juvenile biographies and boys’ exploration or adventure stories such as The Lone Woodsman.

The Lone Woodsman was written by Warren Hastings Miller (c.1879–1960), editor of Field and Stream magazine from 1910 to 1918, contributor to such magazines as Boy’s Life and American Boy. He authored of numerous juvenile adventure stories, this being “his most popular book by far” according to his son. Miller’s story is a story of a unplanned wilderness survival experience. Set in the wilderness of Upper Ontario in Canada, the 19-year-old protagonist “Dan Pickett” sets out alone with his mongrel dog “Pepper” to live with the Cree Indians for a summer and to gather information for his ethnologist father. When his canoe becomes swamped, the boy must use his wits, skills and his dog to survive the ordeal.

The 11 full-page original drawings by Kreigh Collins mainly depict Dan Pickett and Pepper together in the wilderness and/or facing adversity: portaging a canoe, dog-sledding, canoeing in dangerous waters, hunting a charging deer, confronting a wolf, etc. One of these larger drawings is a two-page-spread illustration of Dan and Pepper hunting, the right side of which was reproduced on the cover of the cloth binding of the published book.

Thirteen smaller, vignette illustrations—used as head- and tail-pieces and small text illustrations— show Pepper and/or Dan and various camping articles or Native American items such as snow shoes, bows and arrows, moccasins, a hand-made, baited animal trap, and a wigwam.

Accompanying the original art work are a printed, large-format mock-up of the title page and a reduced printed proof of the same and a single printed proof sheet depicting 18 vignette illustrations, reduced in size for publication. Also seen is a set of 7 printed, progressive color proofs for Kreigh Collins’ dust jacket for the John C. Winston edition of The Lone Woodsman, printed by the Philadelphia-Weeks Engraving Company. These leaves show cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) separation proofs as well as built-up combinations and the final, four color dust jacket.

A pleasing collection of original art work and printers’ proofs for a popular adventure book for young adults, here illustrated by a prolific and successful American painter, comic strip creator, and graphic artist.

Description: [Original Illustration Artwork for The Lone Woodsman by Warren Hastings Miller].

[Likely Grand Rapids, Michigan, c.1942]. Original illustration art and related printer’s proofs. 23 items: comprising 19 artist’s drawing boards with 24 pen and ink illustrations (20 x 15 inches) + a large printed mock-up of the title page (16½ x 12½ inches), a proof printing of the title page (14 x 10¾ inches), a printed proof sheet showing multiple illustrations (13 x 19 inches), and a grommet-bound set of printed, progressive color proofs for the dust jacket (12½ x 19 inches). Some edge toning and light handling to illustration boards; engraver’s cover sheet of progressive proofs separated; overall, Very Good.


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Price: $2,500.00