Rare Americana: Historic Documents

Historic documents from 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century American History – Documents Signed, Significant Agreements, Political Documents, Legal, Petitions, Forms, etc.

1848 ADS by Captain J.M. Acker, Monroe Volunteers, 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Rifles, Mexican-American War

Rare document showing Mississippi’s involvement in the Mexican-American War. Acker's army company here returns equipment described as “unfit for issue” or “very bad — useless”.


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1764 Document Signed by Captain Archibald Kennedy, in charge of the Stamp Act tax stamps in New York City

Bill of Exchange requesting payment to the ship's surgeon of Kennedy's command frigate HMS “Coventry;” endorsed by Captain Kennedy. A desirable colonial document created on the eve of the Stamp Act crisis, associated with one of its main New York City protagonists.


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1682 Quaker Marriage Certificate for John Bringhurst, London Printer and Stationer, and Rosina Matern. Witnessed by Fellow Printers William Bradford, Andrew Sowle, Tace Sowle; Pennsylvania Missionary George Keith, and other Quaker Notables

1682 marriage certificate documents the London and burgeoning Trans-Atlantic world of Quaker publishers and printers. Among the other signers are printers William Bradford, Andrew Sowle, his daughter and successor Tace Sowle, the controversial George Keith, and Quaker preacher, friend of George Fox, and author, James Parke.


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Document Signed by Alexander Lindsay, Duelist of Benedict Arnold

1801 Military document signed by Alexander Lindsay, 6th Earl of Balcarres, British army officer, veteran of the American Revolutionary War at the Battle of Saratoga, and Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica.


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A Russian Admiral In New Jersey: From Epaulettes To Overalls And Back Again

A Russian Admiral in New Jersey: From Epaulettes to Overalls and Back Again

At the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, this Russian Rear-Admiral was in Washington, D.C. on a special mission. He soon found himself a man without a country and without a job.


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A “Real” Trove – A Pennsylvania Archive Of Legal Documents

A “Real” Trove – A Pennsylvania Archive of Legal Documents

The legal footprint of fundamental daily life during 19th to early 20th century America. A 1765–1932 collection of Pennsylvania printed and manuscripts documents: land surveys, real estate transactions, wills, estate inventories and administration—2.5 linear feet and just over 1,000 unique items...


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