Civil War Band Leader Veteran Returns to Gettysburg 50 Years Later to reunite with his “Colonel and Comrade”

Days before the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Daniel Taylor Morgan of Southport, Connecticut writes to his dear “Col. and Comrade”—possibly Colonel W. Wallace Ricketts. Morgan was a band leader for the The 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment, also known as the 35th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Ricketts organized the regiment which fought at Gettysburg.

Morgan writes a touching letter:

I have not been there [Gettysburg] since the fight and know nothing of the town, or distances, etc. I trust we will not be too far apart, but you may rest assured of one thing, I will find you all right. Like your self I, too, trust all will be well and that we may have a good time. But I tell you I do not forget the blood that was spilled there and the dead who fell there. We can’t forget Col. Taylor, who fell there, and many like Col. Hartshorne and others since passed away. Everyman who goes there ought to remember those with whom he marched fifty years ago who will not meet with us at this gathering, or any gathering this side of the great Beyond.

The 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment fought at Second Battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Battle of the Wilderness and many more notable engagements of war. Morgan died four years after this letter was written.