Bound Volume of Salacious Erotica

Unusual volume of salacious erotica and pornography including a short play and a story by French dramatist Henry Monnier and a pair of false Russian imprints. These stories, six works in all, are mainly heterosexual, but include a brief notice of boarding school homosexuality and same sex flagellation.

The book is comprised of seven separately paginated sections; the final two sections are styled “Volume I” and “Volume II” of The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon. This latter story purports to have been “Printed for the Nihilists” and published in Moscow in 1893. This, however, appears to be a false imprint, likely created to evade arrest and censorship.¹


There are two works here written by Henry Monnier (1799–1877), French dramatist, actor, and caricaturist. Monnier is noted for his satirical lithographs and for his caricatures of French “grisettes,” or shop-girls. The first story in the bound volume is an English translation of his play La Grisette et l’étudiant—here rendered as The Grisette and the Student, A Little Comedy in One Act. Also here is Monnier’s epistolary erotic short story, Lustful Acts, A Tale of Love.

The other three titles in the book are The Portuguese Lady’s Story, The thorns which often prick us most / Are found ‘mong sweetest flowers [opening lines], and Among my earliest recollections the frequent quarrels between my parents, are most prominent [opening lines]. Parental discretion advised.


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