An Act to repeal the State Tax on Real and Personal Property, and to continue and extend the Improvements of the State by Railroads and Canals…and to charter a State Bank

In 1836, the State of Pennsylvania charters their United States Bank shortly before the great financial panic of 1837. The entire Act is printed within, all Articles and Sections inclusive.

Pennsylvania’s United States Bank succeeded the Second Bank of the United States in 1836. It was chartered as President Andrew Jackson had vetoed in 1832 the rechartering of the Second Bank of the United States, leaving its charter to expire in 1836.

The United States Bank of Pennsylvania grew to mammoth proportions and then saw spectacular failure in 1841. As a result, much of the banking system in the United States was destabilized, causing aftershocks for several years before recovery.


Theophilus Fenn and Company were State printers to Pennsylvania, contracted to publish those laws to be printed in English. The German printing, when outputted, contracted otherwise.

Very scarce. Apparently no physical copies located on OCLC. Not to be confused with Crabb & Barrett, viz., OCLC 80677876. 62557658, etc.


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