1845 Autograph Letter Signed by Samuel Woodbury describing a Journey from Boston to the Cotton Fields of Gainesville, Alabama

Interesting letter describing a six-week journey from Boston to the cotton fields of Gainesville, Alabama.

Samuel Woodbury, here writing to his brother J.C. Woodbury, Esq. of Haverhill, New Hampshire, recounts the partly overland trip which included three voyages, one of them passage from Pittsburgh to New Orleans.

I can hardly realize that it is winter season. [T]he weather with few exceptions since I arrived here has been very much like our May weather at the north. … [A]s to my business I can hardly tell who I shal[l] be able to do. I have done something but the times are very hard here cotton being the only commodity here & that worth only from four to six cents. [T]he planters feel poor, in fact it affects al classes. I have traveled about some. I shal[l] start to morrow or next day for a wider range & see what I can do.

Prospects seem bleak for this Yankee seeker of opportunity in the land of Dixie.


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