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1815 Document Signed in St. Louis for Captain Craig’s Company (Missouri Territory and Indian Wars)

From the Indian Wars in Missouri Territory, a document signed, directing money to be paid to Risdon H. Price. This manuscript note is authorized by officer William Blakeney and countersigned in testimonial by Daniel Sullivan. Blakeney provides his autograph; the document likely written out by Sullivan.
The document’s verso lays out the details of the transaction. The bulk of it being for past monies due; then, a purchase of $1.00 for “1lb powder.” At the bottom, the document is annotated “Capt Craig’s Co.”

This is Peter Craig’s Company of whom we find were a company of mounted rangers who by 1814 were fighting on the frontiers of Missouri and Illinois and were associated with William Russell’s regiment.

With the War of 1812 commencing, British agents urged Indian tribes to go on the warpath upon settlers in Missouri. Various companies were formed to protect the settlers and expeditions undertaken to fight the depredations of the Indians.

According to History of Southeast Missouri… “The most famous of the expedition was that made in 1814 by a company of mounted rangers raised by Peter Craig of Cape Girardeau county…This company did very much service during the Indian troubles, and fought the famous battle of the Sink Hole…” [p171]

We find William Blakeney’s name in the muster rolls of Craig’s Company as a sergeant.¹ An attractive relic from this tumultuous period.

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